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Akinobu Sato Composer, Arranger
Born in Tokyo Japan, 1976.
Akinobu Started playing piano at the age 6 and began composing at 17.

At the age of 16, he entered the boarding high school in Boston, U.S. After graduated from the high school, he entered Boston University, majoring Music Theory and Composition. He studied with Richard Cornell and Samuel Headrick.

After finishing his studies in 1999, he went back to Tokyo. He was working as a freelance composer, programmer and private piano teacher. He produced music for TV/CM and web. As a programmer, he participated in music production projects, including Soul Source Production. In addition, he was very active as a DJ and had played at many decent venues, including Bullets Nishiazabu and FAI Aoyama. Also the experimental improvisational band POSH, participated as a keyboard/sampler player, received many possitive reviews including by Daily Yomiuri news paper.

In 2003, he entered Berklee College of Music in order for further studies in composition. At Berklee, he majored Composition and Music Synthesis, studied with James Smith, Richard Boulanger and John Bavicchi. In 2005, he won the highest prize and scholarship for composition, Richard Levy Award, at Berklee College of Music. His compositions were praised by the Hollywood film composers BT (Brian Transeau) and Gary Chang.
After graduating in 2006, he produced chamber concerts with other composers in Boston. In dec 2006, he returned to Tokyo.

In March of 2007, he has joined MR. MUSIC INC (, the music production company in Tokyo, as a composer. At present, he has been composing music for TV and movie.
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